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  • All New Site!!!!
    Posted by Matt Wales January 28, 2020



    Fellow Musicians,

    We have just got started on the new MeetMusicians.com site.

    In the next few weeks ,we will be tailoring and fine tuning the site.

    You can join now and share your music and grow with us.

    Looking forward to hearing you here.



What's New

  • Matt WalesNicholas M: Cool tunes man! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Apr 28
  • Nicholas M has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Matt Wales Working on getting this album out.
    Mar 20
    Matt Wales - Danger
    Matt Wales Album "Time To Rock", Song "Danger", Mix "No Lead"
  • Matt Wales Just getting started! Please sign up, say hello and share your Music!
    Feb 8
  • Ben italiano has just signed up. Say hello!
  • georgia morse has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Peter MIdani has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Lou Lima has added a new profile photo.
    February 19, 2020
  • Matt Wales posted a new gmap:
    February 9, 2020
  • Matt Wales added 2 photo(s) to the album MeetMusicians.com:
    February 7, 2020
  • Lou Lima has just signed up. Say hello!